It's Playtime! We're Now Selling Dog Toys

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They're Here!

OK, you’ve got your kick-ass new leash but those puppy-dog eyes staring back at you are yearning for a new rope toy. We can help. We are now expanding our efforts to ‘upcycle’ used climbing rope by making a series of toys. First up, The Monkey's Fist Knot.
These aren't your average foofy stuffed toys with those annoying squeaker things either. We're rolling these out in one size to start (just slightly larger than a tennis ball) and there are a variety of color choices—check out some below—to satisfy the pickiest of pooches. Some say you can’t put a price on happiness but we did and it’s $10.99. Don't worry, small sizes are coming soon for the small dog crowd.

Bottom line, they are hefty enough to loft skyward for the afternoon fetch session or livingroom tug-o-war battle, don’t break the bank and wash easily. What are you waiting for? Snag a Monkey's Fist Climbing Rope Dog Toy in your favorite color before it's gone!



What's a Monkey's Fist Knot?

A monkey's fist knot is typically used as a weight at the end of a throwing line (think docking ships, lifelines, tossing a bear bag, etc.). These were even used—back in the day—as rock climbing anchors when stuffed in a crack (please don't do this). You can find them in a variety of applications today from ornamental cufflinks to pull cords on parachutes. Did we mention dog toys? You should probably check those out.  




Please keep your dog's health in mind and choose the proper toys, especially if they are aggressive chewers. Climbing rope is made primarily of nylon fibers and can be potentially hazardous if ingested. The Mundus Monkey's Fist Knot toys should only be used for their intended purpose and with human supervision. 

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