Our Story

At the core of The Leash Company is an inherent need to explore and support our natural surroundings. From public lands and parks to backyards everywhere, having the privilege to do it with a four-legged partner in crime can make it that much more rewarding.

Having grown up in Small Town, USA, where the value of product quality and the creativity to repurpose—or upcycle—something into a useful something else, were skills learned at an early age. Maintaining this same philosophy is what sets us apart from those big-box stores and major retailers. We don't aim to increase the amount of stuff but hopefully give some of that unuseful stuff a new leash on life. 😏 Doing it in a way that meets our strict standards of quality and durability. 

Which is why we are doing what we can, when we can for the environment and animal welfare. Through our Mundus Collection, we are not only recycling unusable climbing rope (look for the ♻️ symbol) we are also contributing portions of the product and proceeds to animal shelters, adoption centers, humane societies, environmental groups, and non-profits nationwide. 

Why leashes? Why climbing rope? Well, being based in an area where there is an abundance of badass trad, sport, and indoor climbing options and a community of professional, amateur, and weekend warrior dirtbags that frequent those pitches, we saw an opportunity to recycle old climbing rope that has been retired. Have some laying around and want to donate it? Hit us up so we can work out the logistics of the hand-off.

Every Mundus Leash has a story, some character if you will. When available. you’ll be able to learn about the backstory of the rope, what epic adventures it’s been on, and what routes it helped conquer.

Facilitating a collaborative community is important to us and we'd love to hear from you. If you want to learn more, get involved or become an ambassador, contact us or reach out on social media—find us, @theleashco.